Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Naked News Reader

   As I was watching news reader Allison Williams getting plugged in her channel 13 van by her camera man, and after watching this hot piece of tits above, I began to ask myself,  "self who would be the ultimate woman to read me the news naked? After much thought and anal a sis I couldn't cum up with any known news reader to do me the honors so I figured I'd make one up from scratch "Weird Science" style using the body parts of my favorite porn stars, starting with hair...

    To borrow a phrase from famed philosopher David Wooderson, " I love them redheads". Long, short, curly, straight it doesn't matter it just has to be real. I don't want to have to worry about falling backwards on my ass because I pulled out some chicks hair weave while I was in the woof woof position. The stock market is going down? It's okay, Janet Mason keeps my wooderson up.

     Beautiful eyes? Czech. sexy lips? Czech. Pretty button nose? Czech. This angelic face from the Czech Republic belongs to former porn star Silvia Saint, although saying former porn star is like saying former C.I.A .agent. Once you're in you're always in. Europe in a financial crisis? It's okay this Czech will always cash.

     Buxom blonds tend to get all the news reader jobs in the west, (or at least on FOX News) but there's nothing like looking at big, round and brown to turn my frown upside down. Home grown or silicone it matters not to my bone. Famine in East Africa? Lacey Duvalle's milk juggs could feed an entire continent.

    Now I know your average news reader is sitting at some desk  and not standing up, so the whoopee cushion wouldn't be all that an important body part. With a caboose like this, Cherokee D Ass,  would be reading the news ass up and walking over to one of those fancy CNN boards and bending over as much as possible. Hearing about 9% Unemployment goes down easier when this ass jiggles by the screen.
   I was sooo tempted to go the cliche route and put Katie Couric's legs on here. Yes she's not a porn star but you should know by now that I tend to break from tradition at least once in my post, but I couldn't do it. Lisa Ann's legs would look good in high heels and crossed as she tells me about whether or not she thinks Sarah Palin is going to run for president. Then afterwards they would look good around my waist on my shoulders  and anywhere else I could get them.

To prove that I'm not totally superficial I would like my news reader to also have a good pussynality. In fact, a great pussynality like Eva Angelina's would cum in handy when she has to have a monologue with her fans directly and not just a teleprompter.  My news reader must show an excitement for life and a wetness for interactions with the common people.

  Until next time...

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