Monday, September 5, 2011

Playboys before Playboy

As I began to thumb through my latest issue of Playboy Magazine ( yes i still buy playboy magazine) and watch these hot naked women with my three eyes I began to ask  myself, "self how could human beings have ever lived without such a magazine?" but alas people did and still got their freak on. Here are a handful of polititcans who were playboys before playboy

This playboy above goes by the name of Warren G Harding. This 29th Republican President of the United States stuck his tea pot dome inside his beloved Mistress Carrie fulsome Phillips for fifteen years while Carrie was married to his friend James Phillips. When the Republican Party found out about Carrie's ability to harden warren's g they began to pay her an annual stipend and pay for lavish trips to keep Carrie's lips sealed.

I'll have to do more anal a sis , but Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to be Pioneer Playboy when it came to men banging their secretaries. Hired as a secretary by his beloved wife Eleanor, Lucy Mercer started the affair with the future Democratic President  sometime before 1918. When Eleanor found love letters between the two she was steemed and demanded separation.  After begging Eleanor to stay married to him fearing a divorce would destroy his political chances Eleanor capitulated with the condition that FDR stop loosening Lucy. He agreed of course, and than being the good polititican that he is he lied.

Hey who said females can't be playboys? And yes I know she's a queen and not a polititican but if you read my first post than you'll know my feelings on the distinction. If you didn't read my post it was basically "who cares." besides how could I possibly leave this woman off the list? Alright maybe her sexual appetite wasn't as vicious as her political enemies would have us think but she did have many young male lovers while she was queen. Lovers she would give large estates and serfs to once she got bored with them. I might have to do more probing, but I think Catherine the Great may have been the original sugar momma.

 Alexander Hamilton, bastard child, secretary of the treasury, revolutionary warrior and founding father found Maria Reynolds in 1791. The 23 year old damsel in distress appeared to Hamilton asking him for money to get to new york after her no good husband abandoned her and their child. After hearing such an atrocity the chivalrous Hamilton pulled a bill out of of his pocket along with his penis and proceeded a three year illicit affair.  James Reynolds, well aware of his wife's affair began to use her indiscretions to blackmail Hamilton for hush money. Money Hamilton obliged him with for the opportunity to sleep with his wife. I might have to do some more research but I think Hamilton may have been a part of the first cucold in history.

 Last and best we have emperor Caligula. Man where do I start with this P.I.M.P. Should I start with the fact that he routinely slept with other men's  wives and bragged about it, or the fact that he prostituted his sisters to other men? Or how about turning his palace into a brothel? Orgies? you betcha. Granted he was as crazy as a loon but Caligula knew how to have a good time that's for damn sure...
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