Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prostitute Parking Meter

   According to The Telegraph, officials from the German city of Bonn have cum up with an ingenious way of taxing street prostitutes by issuing parking meters in which they have to buy tickets from in order to practice their trade. Considering prostitutes are already tax paying citizens, advocates for theses working girls argue that this pussy parking meter is nothing but an unfair double tax on the worlds oldest profession. I agree, and so do these handful of former and current polititicans who have indulged themselves in the pleasures of the illegal flesh.

JERRY! JERRY JERRY!...  Who knew the king of chair throwing t.v. had such a raunchy past? In 1974, Democratic Councilman from Cincinnati, Gerald Springer had to resign from office after revelations revealed that he sprung for the services of a prostitute in a massage parlor. After cumming clean to the press and being honest about his pay for play services, the public forgave him and ended up re-electing him a year later.

 The booze made me do it.... In 1980, Maryland Republican Congrossman Robert Bauman, a staunch conservative, roman catholic, moral values extremist and founder of conservative activist group "The Young Americans For Freedom", decided to take liberties with a sixteen year old male prostitute. Being the upstanding, take responsibility for your actions Republican, Bauman blamed his moon lighting on his alcoholism and sexual addicktion.

Democratic Sausage Maker... In 1990, Massachusetts Democratic Congrossman Barney Frank was reprimanded and censured by his colleagues for sticking his frankfurter inside the buns of a male prostitute named Steve Gobie. Much like Catherine The Great, Barney The Terrific took care of his male lover by giving him an assistant job and allowing him to run a sex business out of his home. Allegedly.

 Yes Madam, May I have Another?...  Ah yes, family values Republican Louisiana Congrossman David Vitter in 2007 has been named on a list of polititcans who succumbed to Pamela Martin And Associates, a company owned by D.C. Madam Debroah Jeane Palfrey. Like all hypocrites before and after, he had to beg  forgiveness for his sins with his wife by his side.  Please polititicans, whenever you get caught with your pickle in a jar leave the grieving wives at home.

 The Emperor Has No Clothes... In 2008, client 9, Eliot Spitzer former Democratic Governor of New York lived like a king as he patronized a prostitution service called The Emperors Club VIP. Spits had several liaisons with prostitutes from the agency to the tune of $80,000 but his tryst with Ashley Dupree is the stuff of legend. Paying for her train ticket to New York, cab fare, mini-bar, and hotel, spitzey, paid her a total of $4,300 in cash. Money well spent by the looks of things.

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