Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whooty Wednesday

  Welcum ladies and gentlemen to my milestone tenth post of the award winning Politics and Porn blog site. As a way to cummemorate such n achievement I wish to introduce a topic very near and dear to my heart. Whooties. White women blessed with an ample booty. According to the latest census figures, black women still hold the advantage over all when talking about bubble butts but the snow bunny is cumming up, and through strong targeted congressional legislation ivory should be able to close the ass gap among the races. Here are a handful of my favorite whooties whose whoopie cushions keep me up at night...

  Ass loves coco. When I first heard of this coco character I thought she was some new hot black stripper Ice decided to put his T in. Instead, she turned out to be a tiny white thick chick with an ass you can stand a beer can on. There goes to show you that stereotypes should stay in radio shack where they belong..  Cum on Coco. You've done Playboy. You've taken sexy topless videos of yourself. Take the next logical step and put that ass in porn. You've teased the penis populace long enough. 

  Jayden James disses dark dick? According to a recent Jayden James blog entry, this brunette booty is really perturbed about being accused of racism. The accusations being that Jayden didn't allow for the mandingo meat to enter the upper west side during a mutli racial gangbang scene . Jayden claims she didn't know of the atrocity until after the scene was over and that she dates black men in real life and that she has black friends, all of the standard talking points when dealing with the prickly issue of racism. If she were an IR dodger I would call bullocks but this chick takes ebony wood on screen like its about to go extinct so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

  KardASSians Keeping Me Up. Word on the street is someone is trying to buy up all the Kim K sex footage in an effort to try to take it off the market. So the one person in this world who hasn't seen Kim "baby I'm gonna cum"  Superstar, your gonna have to resort to oral second hand accounts. Or the Internet. What a travesty. What makes this country great is having the freedom to walk into a store and purchase a DVD of a woman getting her whoopie cakes shaken by her boyfriend. If we don't have that than America is no better than one of those socialist commie freedom hatin' countries.

    Lisa Ann's ass can be seen from wassilla. What's not to love about this onion? And I'm no Johnny cum lately, I've been admiring Lisa's big booty Judy since the grainy VHS days of the mid nineties. It's nice to know her fame and my johnny has risen to new heights with her serra paylin impressions. Now in the mid nineties whooties were a rare breed so I falsely believed that that caboose was fake. I say falsely because I recently saw that pressed ham up close and personal at the Pink Pony in Atlanta. Got a little squeeze. I'm no assologist but it felt real to me. 

  Ricki Do The White Thing. Damn. That ghetto booty should be doing nothing but gang bangs. No one man  should have all that tuckus. She's defied the sociological odds of being a whte woman in an America that once said that she shouldn't have a large rump roast. However things have changed to the point that a whootie can proudly put her fanny on display without fear of ridicule and scorn. We have a long way to go in erasing such a damaging legacy but  I believe Ricki's ass along with others will eventually take us to that promised land. Two cheeks at a time...

  Until next time...

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