Monday, September 19, 2011

Provocative Political Ads

     While watching the youtube clip of mayor Ilse Uttersport of Adulst, Belgium getting caught in the woof woof position  I immediately thought that this would make a great marketing tool for people to cum to her castle. Nothing brings hundreds of people out to a destination like the possibility of seeing someone getting plugged in public. Sex sells baby, just ask these polititicans who decided to use T N A  to get elected.

    " Dos Grandes Argumentos". "Two Big Arguments" indeed. Sole Sanchez Mahamed, who happens to be the head of Menorca Spain's Partit Democratic De Ciutadelia party decided to put her puppies on a poster in her bid to becume mayoress. As expected, the image  stirred much controversy.  Her opponents, some how managed to keep their hands of their penises just long enough to file a complaint with Spains feminist Institut Del la dona, who claims the image to be sexist. Sole's response was to go bigger. To enlarge what was a photo into a huge poster to place in front of her campaign headquarters for all to see. VIVA Las Tetas!

    "Wir Haben Mehr Zu Breten".  "We Have More To Offer". Vera Lengsfield, German parliamentary hopeful of Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union Party, opted to hand out campaign posters of herself and the good chancellor in low cut cleavage wear. And thank god for that, because the face on this broad would send me running for the fuhrer. I must admit though, at fifty something they both have a nice pair of coconuts. I see why Bushie got so graby feely on Chancellor Merkel some years back.  Looking at her WMD almost set off a nuclear explosion in my pants. Predictably, Vera is receiving push back from the women's wing of the CDU, chiding her for using what they call an 'outdated sex sells campaign." Well there's nothing outdated about sex selling as evidenced by the 17,000 people who flocked to Vera's election blog after seeing her peaks and valleys.

    " Votar Es Un Plaer."  Who knew Voting is a pleasure? Who knew sticking a ballot in a box would be so orgasmic? Did you see the passion? The longing? The desire? "Rock The Vote" carries a whole new different meaning for me now. You have to hand it to the Young Catalonian Socialists who came up with this idea. Being Socialists I expect the sequel to be a voter orgy where everyone participates in the spoils equally. That would increase turnout for sure. Opposition leaders in Spain have called the ad "an attack on the dignity of women". I say anything that helps a woman get off like that should be bottled and preserved for future generations. 

     "Der Einzige Grund Schwarz Zu Wahlen Zeit Fur Grun". The only reason to choose black. Time for Green. An... interesting ad by the German Green Party to say the least. The word "black" in the ad is a play on words since "black" is the official color of Angela Merkels CDU Party and black is the color of the ample ass that's being grabbed by white female hands. I could go into the hyper sexualization of black women and all that, but I will take the green party at their word when they say the ad was meant to be tongue in cheek. They do have a history of supporting "the underdog" so I will remain calm cool and collected. Anyway, to borrow a phrase from famed philosopher Robert De Niro...  GREAT ASS! 

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